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We are open once again! We got rid of our buffet, here’s what you can expect from us now.

As of this weekend (June 12th) we will officially re-open our doors and provide dinner service in our brand-new front patio!  

While we have been open solely for take out over the last few weeks, we have been anxiously waiting to welcome you all back into our completely renovated restaurant. Unfortunately we were only open for 3 days in between finishing our renovations and being forced to close due to the COVID-19 crisis. We may only be able to serve food and drinks in our new patio for a few weeks, but we are still incredibly excited to be able to serve you all again, even if things are a little bit different. We will be taking every necessary precaution and following the states guidelines to safely reopen.  

On top of all of the changes caused by COVID-19, there have been quite a few other changes to how we do things.  

Most importantly, after over a decade Labaredas will no longer offer a buffet. A self-serve buffet where many different hands come in close contact with the food and serving utensils over the course of the day simply didn’t feel appropriate for these uncertain times that we find ourselves in. This virus has severely impacted the entire restaurant industry, and while it was not the only reason we decided to remove our buffet it was one of the most significant. We also wanted to transform the way we serve you for the better and to focus on the aspects of our restaurant that were the most unique to us. We wanted to create a new kind of restaurant, one that blends together our two cultures and celebrates them both.  

So while we know this is a big change and we understand the frustrations this may cause, we felt it was a natural shift and a decision that we needed to make.

So what does that mean for the food we serve & the restaurant overall?

Firstly, no matter what changes we make, we will always be committed to serving the best Brazilian BBQ possible, even if it may be served a little bit different than what you may be accustomed to. To make up for the absence of the buffet, we have revamped and added quite a few additions to our menu including shareable appetizers & main dishes that all provide a modern twist on classic Brazilian BBQ. Items such as our Grilled House Made Sausage and Crispy Pork Ribs with Spicy Guava Sauce are all still Brazilian Barbecue. Each of these new dishes create a unique blend of classic and modern recipes with an American flair.  

Along with our A la carte menu, we will also eventually be serving a traditional Brazilian Rodizio. Brazilian BBQ has been closely associated with buffet-style restaurants, but the more traditional & authentic way is to serve it Rodizio style. Starting as soon as we are able to reopen the inside dining room, we will be serving Rodizio every Thursday through Sunday! You can still expect all of your old favorites, along with some new and innovative ideas making their way around our dining room.  

Secondly, as some of you may already know, we have added a brand-new, 14 seat bar, along with a completely renovated interior space. We added the bar, removed our buffet, modernized the entire dining room, and added several distinct seating sections, each catering to different preferences of dining. We wanted to create an overall atmosphere that is beautiful, comfortable, cozy, and that makes you never want to leave.  

Our new bar will also allow us to better serve all of the drinks we offer, from our original Craft Cocktails to our curated beer & wine lists. We will be able to bring in more beer and wine than we previously were able to. Not to mention stock up on a much larger list of cachaças and other tropical spirits. Since we took over as owners, we put a big focus on our craft cocktails. Though, It was always difficult to execute due to a lack of proper bar set up. Now with the equipment and physical bar in place we will be able to showcase them better than we ever could before.  

Lastly, we will be changing our hours of operation, both as a result of the removal of the buffet as well as the ongoing situation with the Coronavirus. We will be no longer be open for lunch during the week. Instead we’ll open at 4PM Friday and at 12:00PM Saturday-Sunday. These hours are subject to change as things start to progress towards a new Normal so stay tuned with our social media to be the first to know of any changes.  

We are happy to be back and to be able to finally show off all of the hard work we have put into transforming our restaurant. While wwe understand that some of you may be disappointed at the lack of the buffet, we invite you to come experience all of the other great things that we now have the ability to focus on. We hope that you will understand and come experience the new Labaredas.

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